With over ten years experiance specializing in restoring pavers, natural stone, brick and concrete, we are the experts in the field

Installation, Repair, Restoration, Joint sanding and sealing of Pavers, Natural Stone, Brick, Concrete and Asphalt.

Paver Restoration, Inc. is a full service paver company specializing in restoring the beauty and stability of your hardscape products.

Since 2004, Paver Restoration, Inc. has been preserving the Integrity and beauty of our clients’ paver, natural stone, concrete and asphalt hardscapes. A resident of Monmouth County, New Jersey, for over 35 years, the owner of Paver Restoration, Inc. understands the challenges that residential and commercial clients face over the maintenance, restoration and repair of their hardscapes. With over ten years specializing in restoring pavers, natural stone, brick and concrete, we are the experts in the field. Customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Services Provided:

  • Installation of Pavers, Belgian Block, and Blue Stone for patios, driveways, walkways and walls.
  • Repair and reconstruction of existing pavers and natural stone that are sinking, uneven, collapsing and are a danger to you and your loved ones.
  • Professional cleaning of pavers and other hardscape products.
  • Joint Sanding.
  • Sealing of pavers and cement. (Trained and Certified)
  • Asphalt Seal Coating. (Residential & Commercial)
  • Line Striping.
  • Snow Plowing (specializing in paver driveways- standard snow plow blades, unlike our custom blades, will damage your pavers).

Ask Yourself:

  • Are your pavers uneven, sinking, splitting, or causing a trip hazard?
  • Do your pavers look dirty, pitted, mossy, green, or do they have weeds coming up between them?
  • Do your pavers have uneven gaps, missing material between the joints or are they lifting up or sinking in places?
  • If so we are here to help.
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  • New Jersey Licensed & Insured
  • NJ Registered #13VH06749100
  • Alliance Certified
  • Recommended by the top landscape supply yards in Monmouth County

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